Natural, climate and man-made threats can strike anywhere, close to home or when you are on the move.

We have developed the participatory mapping smartphone app SIGNALERT. It allows you to report threats and share your perceptions and accounts wherever you are, regarding any phenomenon jeopardizing property, people, the environment (air, soil water), infrastructure, or biodiversity.

The principle is simple: qualify the intensity and gravity of the phenomenon by recognizing universal environmental markers that can be understood by everyone, everywhere, and share them with the smartphone app.

Our web tools allow you to make use of these shared alerts and notifications and communicate with witnesses.

The Signalert mobile app

A participatory mapping mobile app to report disasters and be notified in real time

Your testimonials and your photos, geolocated and dated

Submit geolocated and dated testimonials, describe the gravity of the phenomenon, and share an alert Signalert. You paste you social media posts and links in an alert or you send an alert to your social medias accounts.

“I'm safe” button

Send your location and message to your emergency contacts in two clicks (premium version)

Monitor your places of interest

Define your important places and get notified as soon as a warning is issued nearby (premium version)

Your position in relation to dangerous phenomena

Find out your position in relation to a danger that you have spotted or experienced, or that people are talking about

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Sharing and mutual assistance between users

Users of the app on the field can broadcast between eachothers, or receive needs for assistance through the app and web service.

Protecting your anonymity

Your alerts are anonymous by default, but you can choose to reveal your identity.

Advice on what to do

What should you do before, during and after a serious phenomenon? Get tips to avoid pitfalls and stay safe

Useful links

Find information on the phenomena that you have experienced from official monitoring bodies.

Download the free app

The Signalert app works worldwide. It is available in French, English and Spanish.

The app is free, it complies with personal data protection regulation, and your alerts remain anonymous. You will not receive any advertising, and no cookies will track you.


Discover the premium version of the Signalert mobile app, with even more personalized features to protect your safety, your places of interest, and your property.

Our Professional Services

Web services (APIs, widgets, etc.) for businesses, NGOs, and local authorities in charge of territorial monitoring.

Signalert consult

Webmapping service for visualization, analysis, automatic detection, importing and exporting.

The Signalert API

Integrate Signalert CONSULT notifications or map analysis services in your own web interfaces.

Signalert OPEN

Share and issue warnings open to all using a simple web link.

Climate services

Use data from connected devices and weather monitoring networks around the world for real-time detection of and warning about extreme events (rain/temperature).

Find out more/Request a demo

Contact us for a demo of our professional services or to receive more detailed information on how to integrate our API, weather services, or an OPEN mapping interface into your web or app environments.


Benefit from our consultants’ expertise on reducing MAN-MADE OR NATURAL RISKS AND the impacts of CLIMATE CHANGE

Our interventions draw on extensive international experience in management and prevention, risk and natural disaster reduction, resource management, climate change adaptation and crisis management. The SIGNALERT team of international experts and consultants offer research expertise and skills in the following areas:

 We innovate and use the smartphone app, our web services and our API to serve new environmental causes or concerns linked to natural risks and climate change, in partnership with research organizations, laboratories, businesses and NGOs.